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If you are an assessor and would like to request an assessor login account for our quotation system, please:

To have us create a quotation on your behalf, please get in touch using one of the methods listed below, and our friendly staff will endeavour to get back to you with your quote as soon as possible.

Kiya by telephone on 02380 240 321, or by email kiya@microlinkpc.com.

Parviz by telephone on 07799 624 585, or by email parviz@microlinkpc.com.

Or contact our DSA sales team by telephone on 0330 555 0 999 (freephone 0800 999 26 20), or by email quotes@microlinkpc.com.

0330 555 0 999  

Please note: Certain items are VAT zero-rated for disabled students when purchased as part of a package. In addition, if you are comparing prices among suppliers, we often quote prices that include installation, delivery and extended warranties, and that we have an unrivalled expertise in meeting the needs of education. Also, we offer an after-sales support service that is second to none.

Information Required to process an order
  • Copy of Student's LE letter authorising payment of funds:
    This is needed as a proof of the student's eligibility for VAT exemption (where applicable) and as a check prior to processing a quotation.
  • Copy of the approved quotation: Occasionally what was originally quoted by an assessor, does not match the quotation held on our system. For example, an LE may not approve an item, or may recommend an alternative.
  • Details of where the student was assessed and by whom: If there are any queries regarding the quotation, we may need to contact the assessor for clarification.
  • Course and University Title: Some specialist software requires confirmation of the recipient's eligibility (i.e. student status) prior to releasing product under a student license. For this reason we may need to provide details about the course and university attended.
  • Student's full name
  • Delivery address
  • Contact Numbers

Switchboard: 0800 999 2620